Once a new scheme comes into effect, an applicant may request an application to be determined under a superseded scheme.


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Rainwater Tank Provisions (updated) Rainwater Tank Provisions (updated)

Laws that required the installation of rainwater tanks (or other water supply systems) with new houses and commercial buildings where the property was located in a reticulated town water area were repealed on 1 February 2013. Housing providers and property owners can now choose to voluntarily install a rainwater tank.

Rainwater tanks can only be required to be installed with new houses and/or commercial buildings where a local government has been approved by the Minster to opt-in to the QDC.

Nb. The South Burnett Regional Council did not opt-in and the Designated Rainwater Tank Areas as referenced, per Council’s IPA Planning Schemes do not apply. Development outside reticulated town water supply areas, requires the installation of rainwater tanks totalling 45,000litres. It is recommended that consultation is sought with Council's Plumbing Inspectors to confirm these requirements.