Road Closures Road Closures

Council wishes to advise of the following road closures on Tuesday 27 March  2018 due to the Queen’s Baton Relay travelling through Kingaroy:
7.00am - 9.00pm   William St (between Haly St to Alford St)

Rolling Road Closures

Please note the roads will re-open once the relay convoy has passed through.
3.00pm   Kingaroy St (between Haly St and Avoca St)
3.00pm   Glendon St (between Haly St and Markwell St)
3.00pm   Alford St West and Alford St East of Glendon St
3.15pm   Markwell St (between eastern side Glendon St and Youngman St)
3.15pm   Closure of entrance and exits to Kingaroy Shoppingworld (Glendon & Markwell Sts) and carpark behind Broadway Hotel (Glendon St)
3.30pm   Baron St, River Rd and Kingaroy St
3.30pm   Haly St and Jarrah St intersection
3.30pm   Edward St (between Albert St and Youngman St)
4.00pm   Markwell St (between Youngman St and William St)
4.00pm   Markwell St (western side of William St)
4.00pm   William St (southern side of Markwell St)
4.00pm   Alford St (both sides of the William St intersection)
4.00pm   Closure of Markwell St entrance to Aldi carpark
4.30pm   Closure of Avoca St and Kingaroy St intersection
4.30pm   Trussell St and Freemans Lane at Youngman St
4.30pm   King St (eastern side of Youngman St)
4.30pm   John St (eastern side of Youngman St)
4.30pm   Queen St (western side of Youngman St)
4.30pm   Sawtell St (western side of Youngman St)
4.30pm   George St (eastern side of Youngman St)
4.30pm   George St (northern side of Haly St)
4.45pm   Haly St and Glendon St intersection
4.45pm   Closure of exit of Circular Place, Glendon St

For the map showing the Batonbearer Route click here.