Waste Facility Operating Hours Waste Facility Operating Hours

Throughout the region, the South Burnett Regional Council operates many waste disposal facilities. These may be staffed facilities with specified operating hours, or you may be required to obtain a six (6) digit pin code or key from Council to access the facility.  Services offered at each of the facilities vary so please click here for specific waste facility details

For all enquiries regarding Council's waste disposal facilities including how to obtain an access code or key, please phone Council's Environmental Services Department on (07) 4189 9100.

Refuse Collection Refuse Collection

South Burnett Regional Council provides a weekly 240L refuse collection service for customers in defined areas in:

  • Kingaroy, Memerambi, Tingoora, Wooroolin
  • Nanango, Blackbutt
  • Murgon, Moffatdale, Proston
  • Wondai

This service is currently contracted to JJ Richards and Sons.

A voluntary refuse collection service is also provided to some rural residential areas of the region.

Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins remain the property of Council and JJ Richards. The bin should not be removed from the property.

Housekeeping Issues

  • Vacuum dust, grass clippings, kitty litter, Styrofoam etc. should be placed in a bag before putting these items in the waste bin, so they don't disperse when the bin is emptied
  • Hot ashes are not to be paced in the bin
  • Don't overfill the bin as it may not be emptied
  • Bins weighing over 70kg cannot be emptied
  • Jamming plastic wrapping, cardboard boxes, glass etc. into the base of the bin may result in the bin not emptying completely; partial emptying of the waste bin is not the Council or Cntractor's fault

What to do on Collection Day

  • All bins must be brought to the front of the property and the bin placed adjacent to the kerb and channel
  • Where there is no kerb and channel, the bin should be placed in a safe location as close as possible to the verge of the road and be visible to the driver
  • Bins must be not be placed on the road
  • Bin must be out by 6.00 a.m. on the day of collection
  • Residential customers are encouraged to place the waste bin out the night before their collection day
  • No overhanging branch or obstructions are to be above the bin
  • No obstructions are to be within 450mm of the bin e.g. signs posts, power poles or parked cars
  • Where a group of bins is to be collected, e.g. flats, the bins should be placed at least 450mm apart

Bin Hire

Council will hire bins for the purpose of back yard clean ups.  An additional charge is payable on application.  Bin sizes available for hire are:

10m3 Skip Bin
27m3 Skip Bin

Repairs to Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the contractor.

How many bins can be collected?

Only one (1) bin per household will be collected unless arrangements are made with the Waste Services Section.

Run In Service - Kingaroy Only

Physical incapacity may prevent some householders from placing their bin on the footpath.  An application can be made to allow residents to place the bin at the front corner of the house.  The application must be accompanied by a Doctor's Certificate.  Application Form available here.

Further information

Further information regarding refuse collection services can be obtained by contacting Council's Waste Services Section on (07) 4189 9100.

Chemical Container Collection Chemical Container Collection

DrumMUSTER ‘rinse them out, round them up and run them in'

DrumMUSTER is a national collection and recycling scheme for empty and cleaned crop protection and animal health chemical containers. Both plastic and steel agricultural containers are accepted.

The drumMUSTER scheme is funded by a levy on crop protection and animal health products sold in rigid steel and plastic non-returnable chemical containers. Chemical users pay the levy at purchase. The levy pays for participating local councils, such as South Burnett Regional Council, to establish collection centres at little cost. Clean containers collected by drumMUSTER will be returned to manufacturers for refilling, or to be shredded or crushed for recycling.

All drums brought in for collection and recycling must be cleaned correctly both inside and out, including caps and threads, and allowed to drain or air dry to ensure they contain no rinse water. Dye stained containers will be accepted. Unclean or partly filled containers will not be accepted and will remain the property of the chemical user.

All farmers within the South Burnett Region are encouraged to bring their empty, properly cleaned non-returnable chemical containers to their local drumMUSTER collection centre.

Please note an appointment is required. Collection centres are located at:

Kingaroy Waste Services Depot: Cnr River & Hodges Roads, Kingaroy
Call (07) 4189 9100 to make an appointment

Wondai Depot: Greenview Road, Wondai
Call (07) 4189 9100 to make an appointment

Nanango Landfill: Findlay Road, Nanango
No appointment necessary
(Please deliver drums during Landfill opening hours only)

Murgon Landfill: Borcherts Hill Road, Murgon
Call (07) 4189 9100 to make an appointment

Kumbia Transfer Station: Kearneys Road, Kumbia
Call (07) 4189 9100 to make an appointment