Extension Notice – Current Contracts for Prequalified Suppliers

Council wishes to advise that current Prequalified Supplier contracts have been extended on a month by month basis until 30 November 2018.

The purpose of this extension is to allow time to finalise the review of the process behind the renewal and the ongoing use of Prequalified Suppliers contracts.  The review moves towards the ability for Council to implement a longer contract period; greater flexibility to add and remove suppliers; renewal of suppliers every 12 months; and revising the Prequalified Suppliers Panels offered to better meet Council’s requirements and for ease of identification for Council Officers to meet service needs.

As of 13 June 2018, the current contracts for the categories of Dry and Wet Plant and Equipment Hire are extended on a month by month basis until 30 November 2018.  Tender for the new Prequalified Suppliers Panels contracts will be called prior to 30 November 2018 for the following categories:
-  Dry Hire
-  Wet Hire
-  Quarry and Road Making Materials

The following categories will go to tender in early 2019.  Until that time, the current Prequalified Suppliers that fall under the Council’s category of Trades and General Services will be extended on a month by month basis until 30 January 2019.  The new categories to which Council will call to tender are:
-  Trade Services (Minor Building Works)
-  Electrical Services
-  Pest Management

Please continue to monitor Council’s website for updates on the next round of Prequalified Suppliers contract.

Further Information

Please contact Council’s Strategic Procurement Coordinator, Louise Reidy on (07) 4189 9100 should you require further information.