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Abandoned Vehicles

It is an offence to leave a vehicle on the roadway or footpath once the vehicle registration has expired. Report an abandoned vehicle here.

Animal Nuisance

Click here to be directed to Council's Animal Management section on nuisance animals including barking dogs, wandering animals, and dangerous dogs.

Environmental Pollution

Information on air pollution and nuisance (dust, odour and smoke), contaminated land, illegal dumping, noise nuisance and water pollution. more

Pile of wood sticks burning

Lighting of Fires

Backyard burning of non-toxic materials (e.g. dry wood, paper) may only be permitted in the South Burnett if certain conditions are met by the resident. more

Public Health

Information relating to Public Health concerns including asbestos, mosquitoes, vermin and tank water. more

Overgrown Properties

Council’s Local Law No 3 Community and Environmental Management 2011, requires property owners to keep their allotments free from overgrown vegetation and any accumulation of objects and materials. more