The Use of Domestic Kitchens The Use of Domestic Kitchens

Domestic kitchens are generally not designed to meet the Standards required in a Commercial Food Premise.  Often people believe that starting a business from home would be a cost effective and convenient way to set up. However, when it comes to Food Licensing requirements it can often be more costly.  You often will need to take into consideration the structural and food safety requirements that are legislated in the Queensland Food Act and the Australian Food Safety Standards. For example:
Separation of food business activities from the household food preparation, which usually means having a separate kitchen

  • Commercial grade surfaces and appliances

  • Equipment and items to be secured from children and pets

South Burnett Regional Council will only consider Home Based Food Business using a Domestic Kitchen if the nature of the food being prepared and handled is low-risk.  This includes baked goods such as cakes and foods that are not potentially hazardous.

The nature of undertaking food handling for sale at home is restricted because:

  • No  designated separate hand wash basin for the kitchen

  • Kitchens may not be adequately sealed for prevent access for pests

  • Domestic range hoods do not comply with the Australian Standards for mechanical ventilation (AS 1668)

  • The combined used of a kitchen for domestic and commercial food preparation purposes can increase the risk of food contamination

  • Domestic dishwashers may not be capable of effectively sanitising equipment and utensils to the standard required by the Food Safety Standards.

  • Limited storage space (dry storage, refrigerator/freezer).

  • Domestic refrigerators may struggle to maintain correct temperatures.

You may also wish to consider utilising an existing, approved commercial kitchen to avoid having to go through the entire structural approval process. Keep in mind you will still be required to obtain your Own Food Licence.

Council Town Planning and Trade Waste approvals may also affect the feasibility of establishing a home-based food business. Contact should be made with these departments to discuss their requirements prior to lodging a Food Business Licence.

You may wish to lodge an enquiry to Council via letter or email . Please ensure you provide details about the activity, property address and scale of the proposed business, as this will assist Council in providing a more detailed response to you.

What food preparation can be undertaken from a Domestic Kitchen

Food Type


Preparation & Sell @SB Markets

Preparation & Sell @ Markets outside of SB

Preparation & Sell to Commercial Retail (within or without the SB)

Preparation & Sell on line

Low Risk

Non Profit

Home Based Market Licence

Commercial Kitchen required

Commercial Kitchen required

Commercial Kitchen required


Home Based Market Licence

Commercial Kitchen required

Commercial Kitchen required

Commercial Kitchen required

High Risk

Non Profit

Not permitted from a Domestic Kitchen


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