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Operation Aquatic - Wide Bay Burnett Local Governments join forces to tackle water weeds

Wide Bay Burnett stakeholders are banding together to tackle the threat of aquatic weeds across the Wide Bay Burnett region.

Aquatic weeds have the ability to cause significant impacts to the region’s environmental, social and economic values, and have the ability to spread by water, human and animal movements.

Aquatic weeds which are being targeted in the program include alligator weed, cabomba, hygrophila and saggittaria. All weeds are believed to either not be located, or are present in low densities, within the Wide Bay Burnett region.

Cr Kathy Duff said, “the growing trend of ‘Facebook nurseries’ has also increased the movement of aquatic weeds throughout the region, with unsuspecting buyers buying restricted and prohibited species under the Biosecurity Act 2014. Not only does this present a risk to the region’s environmental values, but it can also attract a fine if a prohibited or restricted species is found within someone’s possession”.

She added, “through funding from the Queensland Government as part of the Better Partnerships Project, the region’s stakeholders are working together to prevent new incursions into the Wide Bay Burnett and protecting the values that make our region so popular”.

Wide Bay Burnett local governments can assist landholders in removing any of the targeted aquatic weeds.

South Burnett Regional Council is calling for any residents who think they may have a targeted species to contact their local government’s biosecurity officers to organise an inspection on 4189 9100.

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