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RACQ LifeFlight Continue to be supported by residents of the South Burnett!!

🚑  It is indicative of our lives today that over the skies of the South Burnett and the surrounding regions, the sight and sound of the RACQ LifeFlight Helicopter coming in to land or taking off is becoming a regular occurrence.

This being said, more and more residents and visitors to our region can rest assured that through the generous support of communities throughout Australia, and especially our region, we are able to access this life saving service.

RACQ LifeFlight is one of Australia’s largest aeromedical charities providing rapid response medical care to thousands of people each year and because of this service, many people from the South Burnett are still alive today to add their thanks and gratitude to the many thousands whose lives have been saved.

“Since 2010, Council in recognition and to ensure ongoing support of this vital service for our region, adopted a fee to be levied equally on all rateable properties within the Council area for the purpose of sponsoring the airborne emergency rescue & evacuation transport providers that service the South Burnett Region”, Mayor Keith Campbell said. “I am pleased to advise that recently I presented a cheque to RACQ Lifeflight of $31,294.50 being the levied amount received from the ratepayers for 2016/17.”🚑

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