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Microchipping of your Pets

It is an unfortunate and sad fact that many dogs go missing from their families each year.  If they are found, they are often presented to a local vet, the RSPCA or Council to try and find their owner.  Over time pets can have missing collars or the collars are so old that any contact details may be illegible.  If their families aren’t able to be contacted, they end up being re-homed or worse case, are euthanized. 

For many families this problem can be eliminated by having a micro-chip implanted into your dog.  It is such a simple solution that saves many people the heartache of losing a much loved member of their family.

In March 2008 the Queensland State Government introduced the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 which required all owners or suppliers of cats and dogs that were born after the date of introduction to have a Prescribed Permanent Identification Device (PPID) implanted into the animal.  Cats and dogs under the age of 8 weeks do not need to be micro-chipped.  Council at that time encouraged residents in the South Burnett Region to have their animals’ micro-chipped by holding a number of very successful micro-chipping campaigns throughout the region.

With the Queensland Government introducing new laws to promote responsible dog breeding effective from 26 May 2017, Council will now have to take a more proactive stance on enforcing micro-chipping of dogs under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 legislation.  Animal registration renewals are due towards the end of this year and Council would like to encourage all dog owners to have their pets micro-chipped if they have not already been done.  Micro-chipping will not only provide for a cheaper registration fee, but you will have the peace of mind that if your dog does go missing and is found that you can be reunited.

“For many families in the South Burnett, a dog is so much more than just a pet, they are part of the family, and when they go missing, it can cause much angst and upset for the whole family” said Cr Keith Campbell “This legislation has been implemented to prevent such situations from occurring and hopefully in time the number of family pets that go missing and cannot be reunited with their family will decrease.”

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