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Media Release - Council receives Building Condition Assessment Grant

Council receives Building Condition Assessment Grant

Council has recently been successful in receiving a grant from State Government to undertake a Building Condition Assessment to determine the condition of property assets.  Council has a substantial property portfolio which includes buildings such as community halls, libraries, museums, offices, depots and art galleries.

“This project is due for completion by December this year and once the data is received we will have a better understanding of our future maintenance and capital renewal expenditure for our assets”, said Mayor Keith Campbell “With swimming pools continuing to be a high risk asset for Council requiring constant maintenance and compliance, provision has been made in the draft 2018/19budget to commence an investigation into the condition of the underground assets of our two oldest pool facilities in Kingaroy & Murgon.”

Council anticipates that significant capital expenditure on the region’s public swimming pools is going to be needed over the next few years once the condition assessment has been completed.  Provisions have been made to allocate monies from the property budget this year and from the 2019/2020 budget towards future works on these facilities.

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