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First Recorded Unicyclist Race is Aussie Event.

On Sunday, 30 April, Blackbutt played host to the R&R Rail Trail’s Experiences that incorporated part of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.  The R&R Rail Trail Experience is a one of a kind event offering four different Duathlon events for runners and bike riders.  With event courses ranging from a 30km run and 30 km ride to an 8km Rail Trail Fun Run, this event is attracting more and more competitors every year.

One of the many participants this year was unicyclist, Andrew Bowen who is the first ever recorded multisport event competitor in Australia to compete in a Duathlon and ride on one wheel.  As well as competing in the 22km rail trail run and the 22km ride on his unicycle, Bowen has taken out the title of the unicycle event winner.

The ongoing uniqueness of this event is also attributed to the race being started by the sound of an authentic train whistle and the winner does not get presented with a medal or a golden trophy but a wood turned train whistle that have been donated by local wood turners or a rail trail nail trophy donated by G’onya Adventures.

“The South Burnett brings such a diverse mix of elements to your stay with all that we have to offer” said Mayor Keith Campbell “We encourage and embrace events such as the R&R Rail Trail Experience as they show off the uniqueness of our wonderful region.”

While this is predominately a recreational event, it is hoped that this event and picturesque surroundings of the Rail Trail will not only bring more competitors next year but also boost interest and tourism to the South Burnett.

Plans are already underway to plan for next year’s Event, with the date being set for Sunday, 6 May 2018.

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