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Cr Terry Fleischfresser - Planning Portfolio Report - 20 September 2017

Council adopts new planning scheme

I’m pleased to announce that Council will today resolve to adopt the South Burnett Regional Council Planning Scheme 2017 to commence on 2 October 2017.

This new planning scheme will shape the future success of our region. Following public consultation during October in 2016 the Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning has given approval for Council to adopt the South Burnett Regional Council Planning Scheme 2017 under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

This new planning scheme will unify the region and support an exciting future for the South Burnett. It will help deliver liveable communities and housing diversity; economic growth; the protection of environment and heritage values; reduced hazards and increased safety; and an efficient transport and infrastructure network.

The planning scheme is a land use planning guideline which provides a framework for the controlled and sustainable growth and progress of the South Burnett Region. It seeks to provide appropriate zoning and the guidelines to facilitate job creation, cut red tape and improve the way our region accommodates those people who wish to make the South Burnett home. This will attract investment and encourage sustainable development in the Region. It is our responsibility to make sure we are prepared for the future economic growth of our region and remain proactive as opportunities present.

We thank all stakeholders for their participation and contribution to the development of the planning scheme.

Council will now begin work on the first amendment to the Planning Scheme to align it with the recently adopted Planning Act 2016 to reflect the requirements of the new Act in an effort to continually improve the Planning Scheme.

A copy of the planning scheme will be made available for viewing on Council’s website by the commencement date and available for purchase or viewing at Council offices. Various fact sheets will also be available shortly online to educate the community on how the planning scheme works, zoning information and types of development.

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