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Cr Terry Fleischfresser - Planning Portfolio Report - 15 February 2017

Proposed Planning Scheme

A report is tabled today that includes a summary of the submissions received during the public notification of the proposed Planning Scheme in October last year. The report is recommending that Council amend the proposed Planning Scheme document and maps to address the submissions and seek approval from the Minister to adopt the proposed Planning Scheme.

Once the Minister has granted approval to Council to adopt the proposed Planning Scheme, Council can decide to adopt the proposed Planning Scheme and is required to give public notice of the adoption in the local newspaper and government gazette.

Coopers Gap Wind Farm

The report by the Office of the Coordinator-General (OCG) that includes approval of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will now be used by the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning to assess the development application for the proposed wind farm. The Department is the assessment manager for the development application and AGL needs to demonstrate that the development application meets the requirements of the wind farm state code. The assessment of the proposal is not required to proceed through public notification given that the EIS was subject to public scrutiny and comments. Council provided comments on the EIS to ensure that the potential impact on Council’s road network due to the construction activities are ameliorated.  

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