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Cr Terry Fleischfreser - Property Portfolio Report - 13 June 2018

Kingaroy Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has installed a new air conditioning unit at the Kingaroy Visitor Information and Heritage Centre. The air conditioning unit is scheduled to be commissioned next week. The Kingaroy VIC and Heritage Centre will also be washed down once the peanut trucks entering into PCA declines and there is less dust movement.  Also, the awning on the front of the VIC will be replaced as it was damaged with hail in the last storm event.

Council Property and Water Wastewater staff are working with Wondai Sportsground Association and the individual clubs on the options for using recycled water to water local sporting fields and the Wondai golf course. Council is considering design options and preparing documentation to source quotations for a specialised water recycling unit.

Council Property Branch is working with many community organisations in updating leases and licences for the land and facilities in which they utilise or occupy. Some groups have identified they wish to make building or structural improvements to the buildings included in their leases and therefore require Councils approval. This is to ensure that the facilities or structures are built to Australian Standards, Australian Building codes and meet safety requirements for the public to use or access.  I encourage community groups to contact Council if they have any questions about a lease or license.

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