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Cr Gavin Jones - Roads & Drainage Portfolio Report - 20 September 2017

Construction Crews

  • Construction Crew South - Crumpton Drive, Blackbutt (Widening & Bitumen Seal)

The earthworks have been completed and pavement material being delivered and placed.   The first coat bitumen seal is expected to be completed within two (2) weeks. 

  • Construction Crew South - Franks Road, Blackbutt (Widening & Bitumen Seal)

First coat bitumen seal has been placed.   There has been a delay with the delivery of culverts to complete a number of private accesses.  The final bitumen seal is expected to be completed in October. 

  • Concrete Construction Crew - Kingaroy Town Hall Access Lane (Pavement Rehabilitation Southern Side) (Works for Queensland)

Works are progressing well with 60% of the work completed.  The expected completion date is early October. 

  • Concrete Construction Crew - Fitzroy Street, Nanango (Concrete Footpaths – Works for Queensland)  

The first section between Flemings Garage and Price Busters has now been completed.  The crew is currently working outside the Fitzroy Hotel/Motel with works expected to be completed in early October. 

  • Corndale Road, Memerambi (Shoulder Widening) from Couchmans Road 1.2km east

Works are on schedule with the first 450m bitumen seal completed and the rest of the project is expected to be sealed prior to December.  The crew will continue with the R2R section from Klass & Townes intersection for 700m east. 

  • Construction Crew Central – Ellesmere Road (Works for Queensland)

Works for Queensland project has been completed.  A full width bitumen seal will be completed in Council’s Reseal program. 

  • Construction Crew Central – Kearneys Road, (Widening and Bitumen Seal)

The narrow section east of George Banks Crossing has been widened and sealed for 300m. 

Heavy Maintenance South - 

Grader maintenance:

  • McGillvray Road, South Nanango, 
  • Rocky Creek Road, South Nanango
  • Reeve Road, South Nanango
  • McIllhatton Road, Booie (includes TC Debbie restoration works)

Recently completed:

  • Gravel Resheet of Tarong Railway Road
  • Shoulder Resheet (W4Q) & Pavement repair(R2R) Mt Stanley Road 
  • Runnymede Road shoulder resheet (W4Q + Council)

General Maintenance South -

  • General maintenance works

Recently completed:  

  • King Street, Nanango footpath (W4Q)

Heavy Maintenance Central

Grader Maintenance:

  • Tessmanns Road North, Kingaroy (incl TC Debbie restoration works)
  • Schellbachs Road, Kingaroy – Corner realignment

Recently Completed:

  • Ironpot Road, Kumbia-Chahpingah - Gravel resheeting (W4Q), grader maintenance, shoulder grading - Kumbia end

General Maintenance Central -

  • First Ave, Kingaroy - Pavement repair
  • General Maintenance

Heavy Maintenance North – 

Grader maintenance:

  • Stonelands Road,  Stonelands 
  • Kilrush Road, Stonelands

Recently Completed:  

  • Silverleaf Road - pavement rehabilitation (W4Q)

General Maintenance North -   

  • Stonelands Road, Culvert renewal
  • General Maintenance

Other Maintenance works

  • Bookless Road, Haly Creek (including TC Debbie Restoration works)
  • Ellesmere Road , Ellesmere (including TC Debbie Restoration works)
  • Tuckers Road, Ellesmere (Including TC Debbie Restoration works)

RMPC – Main Roads

  • Byee Road shoulders (RMPC)

Betterment Works

Three (3) projects have been submitted under the 2017 Resilient Infrastructure (Betterment) Fund

  • Manar Road
  • Johnstons Road
  • Broad Creek Road

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