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Council extends due date for Rate Notice Payment

At a special meeting held today, Council has responded to community requests to review the due date of rate & charges and has passed a resolution to extend the rate notice payment deadline from 26 September 2018 to 7 November 2018.

This amendment will apply across all rating categories.

Mayor Campbell said, “We are pleased to offer this payment extension to all rate payers. We have listened to the community, particularly our rural ratepayers and have extended the payment deadline by six (6) weeks in an endeavour to assist those who may be struggling financially to pay their rates.”

Rate notices are expected to hit mailboxes starting the week of 21 August 2018.

Ratepayers may also take advantage of the 10% discount on the general rate and utility charges by paying their rates on or before 7 November 2018.

For ratepayers who are unable to have all of their rates paid in full by 7 November 2018, Council offers the convenience of a payment instalment plan. However, rate payers who pay off their rates via instalments will not receive the 10% discount.

Rates are a significant contributor to the income required to deliver services and maintain the infrastructure required by the community.

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