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Are You Ready for the State Waste Levy?

What does it mean for you? Households won’t have to pay any additional costs for their kerbside collection service. But the levy will apply to businesses, so if you run or own a business there is some information you should know!

A renewed focus on recycling:
The Queensland Government wants to manage waste better and one key way to accomplish that goal is increasing the amount we recycle.

By introducing the new levy, increasing funding to recycling projects and developing new recycling facilities the Queensland Government is encouraging businesses to recycle more.

This renewed focus on recycling will help the government reduce the amount of waste in Queensland’s landfills.

How the State Waste Levy will impact your business:
The State Government has set the initial levy at $75 per tonne and the levy will rise at $5 per tonne every July for the next five years.

From 1 July 2019, the State Waste Levy will apply to the disposal of construction, demolition, commercial, agricultural and contaminated land waste.

What exactly does this mean? Here are some examples of the kinds of waste that will incur the levy:

  • Commercial waste from food outlets, restaurants or service stations;
  • Non-recyclable waste stored in skip bins used at building sites;
  • General rubbish from industrial sites;
  • Waste generated from agricultural activities like T Tape irrigating.

When businesses dispose of waste, such as the above materials, at a South Burnett Regional Council (SBRC) supervised waste transfer station or landfill, the business will have to pay increased SBRC fees for using the facilities which will include the additional cost of accounting for the State Waste Levy.

How to be State Waste Levy ready!

Businesses should consider any increases in prices they need to charge to cover the new fees and advise their customers now about the levy and any increased fees. That way, you and your customers can prepare for the introduction of the Levy from 1 July 2019.

Separate and recycle as much as you can. Recycling items does not incur the levy, but you need to make sure your recycled items are not mixed in with other waste otherwise you will be charged disposal fees.

For more information on the State Waste Levy, visit

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