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Fees & Charges

Peruse Council's current Fees and Charges. more


Air Pollution

Emissions into the air can impact the health and environment around you, including causing health issues such as respiratory problems to the young and elderly and generally interfering in normal daily activities of others.  more


Littering & Illegal Dumping

Littering and illegal dumping of waste has the potential to cause health and safety risks for both people and the natural environment. more


Noise Pollution

Noise is unwanted sound. Everyone reacts differently to noise. Noise can disturb neighbours, disrupt their sleep and interfere with their normal daily activities. What can be unbearable for one person may pass almost unnoticed by another. more


Water Pollution

Water is a scarce and essential natural resource. Conserving and maintaining water quality is especially important in Australia, the world’s driest inhabited continent. Preventing or reducing water pollution protects our water quality and is essential to maintaining the health of our environment and our own quality of life. more


Contaminated Land

Schedule 4 of the Environmental Protection Act defines “Contaminated land” as being land contaminated by a hazardous substance that may pose a risk to human health or the environment. more


Lighting of Fires

Under the Fire and Rescue Services Act, it is an offence to light a fire without first obtaining authorisation by receiving either notification, notice or a permit from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Services. more


Public Health

Council only has jurisdiction to act on certain public health risk issues, and share the responsibility with other government agencies including Queensland Health & Work Safe. more



If you are renovating your home and your house was built prior to 1990 investigate further about the types of material the house maybe made of. Queensland Health and Work Safe encourage home owners to employ the services of a Licensed Asbestos removal company. more



South Burnett Region does have a number of types of mosquitoes including the mosquito called Aedes aegypti which is also known as the Dengue Mosquito. This is a great concern and Council needs your help to eradicate this mosquito. more


Tank Water

Council along with Queensland Health considers the provision of safe drinking water supplies an essential prerequisite for the health of all Queenslanders.more



Vermin - Rats & Mice

It is a legal requirement under the Public Health Act that all owners and occupiers have a responsibility to not cause a Public Health Risk by allowing rats and mice to breed on their property. more


Overgrown Properties

Council’s Local Law No 3 Community and Environmental Management 2011, requires property owners to keep their allotments free from overgrown vegetation and any accumulation of objects and materials. more