Section 202(2) Local Government Regulation 2012

The South Burnett Regional Council has established Councillor Discretionary Funds in support of community purposes and meeting requests for financial assistance from community organisations.

The following amounts have been allocated in the 2017/18 Budget for each Councillor's Discretionary Fund: 

Mayor Keith Campbell Mayor $8,000
Councillor Roz Frohloff Division 1 $4,000
Councillor Gavin Jones Division 2 $4,000
Councillor Danita Potter Division 3  $4,000
Councillor Terry Fleischfresser Division 4 $4,000
Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff   Division 5  $4,000
Councillor Ros Heit Division 6 $4,000
Updated 01 July 2017


Community organisations who are eligible under the Community Grants Program Policy may make an application for funding. 
To apply, please contact the Councillor directly. 

Applications can be made on a regional or divisional basis (where the community organisation is based). 


In accordance with Section 202(7) of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council will as soon as practicable after an amount has been allocated and paid from a councillor's discretionary funds, publish a notice stating: 

(a) the amount and purpose of the allocation; and

(b) where an amount has been allocated to a community organisation, the name of that community organisation.