Cr Ros Heit was delighted to be re-elected in 2016 with an increased majority

Cr Heit and her husband Kerry have lived at Wooroolin for over 30 years raising their family.  Ros is well qualified and brings a wealth of farming, community and business management experience to Council and the South Burnett community.

Cr Heit takes the privilege and responsibility of being a local Councillor very seriously and is currently studying a Diploma in Local Government (Elected Members) to build her knowledge and skills to be the best Councillor she can be.

"As the Councillor for Division 6,  the largest geographical division I travel thousands of kilometres across my division making it a priority to regularly meet with the local communities to discuss their concerns, issues and opportunities" Cr Heit said.

“I am mindful of the necessity to ensure that the interests of all residents and communities are represented.  I recognise that there are unique challenges within my division, especially maintaining the extensive unsealed road network and preserving each community's individual identity."

Cr Heit promotes the South Burnett as a great place to live and is passionate about developing the potential of the area whilst maintaining the long term sustainability of its environment, the viability of rural industries and the friendliness of country living. 

Cr Heit is the portfolio representative for Finance, Information Communication Technology & Human Resources

Contact Cr Heit on 0477 010 743 /

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Declaration of Office

Councillor Ros Heit (Division 6) South Burnett Regional Council taking the Declaration of Office