June 2017 ChemClear Program

South Burnett’s Turn to Clear Out its Sheds

South Burnett property owners can register their unwanted agricultural and veterinary chemicals in Agsafe’s ChemClear collection, which is hitting the road in June.

The industry-led chemical waste clean-up is aimed at encouraging farmers and other agvet chemical users to ensure they  safely dispose of these chemicals by registering any unused and unknown chemicals for collection.

To date over 11,800 lt/kg of obsolete agricultural chemicals, from approximately 66 waste holders, are registered for collection throughout Queensland.

Farmers and landowners have until 28 April 2017 to register their unwanted chemicals online or by ringing the hotline, with all registered persons to be notified of collection locations in their council area in May 2017.

National ChemClear Manager, Lisa Nixon encourages farmers to take an inventory to register for the program.  “The easiest way to get organised is to head out to your sheds with pen and paper in hand, take an inventory of all the surplus and unknown chemicals, then contact ChemClear or head to our online registration portal and register them for the June collection,” she said.

When taking an inventory ChemClear suggests including the name of the product, the manufacturer, the size of the container and the remaining quantity in the container, to simplify registration. Chemical containers displaying the drumMUSTER logo are eligible for free collection and known as Group 1 chemicals.

Agvet chemical containers without the logo or are unlabelled, expired, mixed or from non-participating manufacturers, are designated Group 2 products, incurring a per lt/kg fee for disposal. A quote will be provided when booking Group 2 chemicals.

“Chemclear is a not for profit program that has been running since 2005 and its objective is to provide a safe disposal process for unwanted agricultural chemicals” said Cr Danita Potter “I would encourage all South Burnett residents to register all their unwanted agricultural and veterinary chemicals for collection.”

Register now online at www.chemclear.org.au or phone 1800 008 182.

What is the ChemClear Program?

The ChemClear® program is a widely recognised program that manages the risks associated with unwanted agvet chemicals. The program provides an effective, safe and convenient pathway for users to dispose of obsolete agvet chemicals in accordance with the regulatory requirements of their relevant State or Territory. 

The ChemClear program is well established across Australia and is an excellent example of industry self-regulation through extended producer responsibility and product stewardship.  The program has successfully collected and destructed in excess of 460 tonne since its commencement in 2005.

Eligible Chemicals

Chemicals eligible for collection for FREE under the program will display the drumMUSTER/ChemClear eligible logo on the chemical container.  Eligible chemicals are referred to as Group 1 under the program.

Eligible Container Logo

The eligible logo may be displayed as:

  • a sticker on the container;
  • included on the product label, or
  • embossed into the containers wall.

If the chemical container does not display an eligible logo, it may be because the manufacturer is not participating in the program.  This means that any surplus chemicals are not eligible for FREE collection under ChemClear.

Unknown, unlabelled and non-participating manufacturers’ products fall into ChemClear’s Group 2 classification.  These chemicals can still be collected by ChemClear but attract a per lt/kg fee for disposal.

Group 1 Chemicals are collected FREE of charge.  These chemicals are:

  • in their original container
  • label intact and readable
  • manufactured or supplied by companies participating in the AgStewardship programs
  • registered, suspended or withdrawn chemicals whose registration has ceased within the past two years
  • within two years of the chemicals expiration date
  • not held by distributors or agvet stores as unwanted inventory.

 Group 2 Chemicals are those chemicals that are:

  • no longer registered for use (exceeding 2 years from de-registration)
  • unknown
  • unlabelled
  • expired (exceeding 2 years from expiration date)
  • mixed agvet chemicals
  • chemicals from non-participating  manufacturers.

Cost – Group 2

A per lt/kg fee applies for disposal of Group 2 chemicals. A quotation is provided to the waste holder for their consideration prior to a collection being scheduled for pickup of these items.

When is the next collection scheduled?

Collections are scheduled based on the volume of chemical registrations received by region and state across Australia. On average ChemClear undertakes 2-3 state collections and several local regional collections annually.

If your disposal requirements are urgent please contact ChemClear on 1800 008 182 and their team will be able to advise of any options available to you.

How do I book in for a collection?

All persons wishing to dispose of obsolete agvet chemicals through the ChemClear Program must register with ChemClear. 

To register for the program, either:

  • Free call 1800 008 182
  • Complete registration online
  • Access and complete the ChemClear Inventory Form  available from

http://chemclear.com.au/register-your-chemical/ and either fax it to (03) 9369 4380 or Mail to ChemClear GPO Box 816 Canberra City



How do I store my chemicals safely until they are collected?

ChemClear will forward Group 1 and Group 2 stickers (corresponding with your registration) within a month of your booking.

These stickers are designed to provide easy recognition and separation of chemicals in your chemical storage area while waiting for disposal, provide quick identification of the chemical group at the collection site and provide information for auditors and quality assurance programs.

Do I have to book online?

Booking online is just one of ChemClear's booking options.

To register for the program, phone 1800 008 182, complete the inventory form available on this website and either fax it to (03) 9369 4380 or mail it to us.

Before calling, please ensure you take a full inventory of the chemicals you wish to register with the program.

Do I have to make a booking to bring my chemicals in?

You certainly do! Only the chemicals listed in your booking reference will be collected. ChemClear does not accept any extra quantities of chemical that aren’t a part of your registered manifest on collection day.

It’s quite easy to add or subtract from your registration, you can do this by contacting the booking line.

What are these green dots I see on the online booking form?

The green dots marked against products on the web booking system refer to all Group 1 chemicals.

What information will I have to submit to the online booking system?

We only ask for general information such as your company name, contact name, postal address, email address and relevant phone numbers.

How do ChemClear and drumMUSTER differ?

Any unwanted Group 1 classified chemical (200mls and above) remaining in its original container is eligible for collection under the program for disposal.

Any unwanted Group 1 chemical with less than 200ml remaining in the container must be rinsed free of residue before it is eligible for return under the drumMUSTER container recycling program. Any volume of Group 2 chemical is eligible under the program for collection and disposal.

Is ChemClear a free service for primary producers?

In some states ChemClear may have subsidy assistance from the state government in place for primary producers.

Ask ChemClear's booking line representative for details of any subsidy available in your state when registering your products.

I have some old drums in my shed, but I'm not sure if they are strong enough to be transported; they might fall apart if I try to lift them!

What do I do?

It's important to make sure that the integrity of the containers is sound.

The container should be able to be transported safely to the collection point. If you are concerned about the integrity, as a minimum precaution you should place the suspect container into a secure oversized drum or hazmat container (please do not decant the chemical).

Please also ensure you are wearing appropriate protective equipment when handling chemicals.

You may need to arrange for specialist assistance and you can do this by contacting 1800 008 182.

I've got stuff in containers that aren't labelled and I don't know what's in them - will you take them?

These chemicals will classify as a Group 2 and attract a fee per litre/kilogram for disposal. Please contact ChemClear for further assistance and registration.

Does ChemClear accept unrinsed, empty chemical containers?

Clean, empty containers are accepted by the drumMUSTER program. Please see information regarding the drumMUSTER program on Council's website to find a collection site in your local area.

Can I combine the contents of several small containers into one large container?

We’re afraid not! You should never mix the chemical contents of different containers, please register them separately for collection and disposal in their existing containers.

Is there any limit on the amount I can book in?

No, we encourage you to use this opportunity to register all of your chemicals.

However, use common sense and don't overload your vehicle! Environment Australia recommends that up to 200kg or litres of chemicals can be transported on a private vehicle, so long as the container is properly secured and safe from spillage.

Don't transport pesticides in the passenger space or the boot of vehicles.

I live in a large country town and have some pesticides that my parents brought into town with them when they moved from the farm. Can I still register them for collection?

Yes, please choose the classification option farmer/primary producer when registering these products.

I can't bring my chemicals to the collection point. Can you get someone to pick them up and take them for me?

A direct collection depends on access and the route of the scheduled collection run. We may be able to organise a direct collection if the requirement is urgent and the collection vehicle is in the same area the chemicals are stored. Please contact ChemClear for further assistance.

Can I take my chemicals to a different collection site in another shire?

Once a waste holder registers their unwanted chemicals, ChemClear uses their postal address to determine which shire they reside in. A host site is requested and utilised for all waste holders that have registered in that area.

If you live closer to a neighboring council and we can facilitate a collection site, you will have the option to choose your preferred drop-off point.

Can I leave my booked-in chemicals at the collection site prior to the collection day and stipulated time periods?

Unfortunately not, you will be advised of the collection day and time you will have to attend your local site, with the chemical that you have registered for collection by the CC team. At no time will the host site accept, hold or store your chemical before the arrival of CC's contractor. This is because most sites do not hold the specific licences to store hazardous chemicals in bulk.

What should I do if the chemicals I'm bringing in for disposal spill on my way there?

You are fully responsible for the safe handling and transportation of your chemicals to the collection point.

You should take precautions to ensure that there are no spills. If there is an incident, you should contact your regional office of the Environmental Protection Authority for advice and contact the local fire brigade in the area.